We’re VIVID, a social impact startup turning wellbeing theory into effective practice. 

We are democratizing personal growth by empowering wellbeing experts to create and share practice plans for every type of personal growth. VIVID gives everyone the tools to tailor practices to their specific needs, get social support and AI suggestions, and find the methods that work best for them.

VIVID was co-founded by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, a leading expert in the science of wellbeing who taught two of Harvard's most popular courses of all time and authored several worldwide best-selling books.

Our commitment to impact

VIVID is an impact-aligned startup with a mission of maximizing our positive social impact. We view VIVID as a collaborative project enabling our community to solve one of the biggest obstacles to significantly improving wellbeing and unlocking human potential. 

We’re building an impact-based marketplace where content is not competing on popularity, but rather on helping individuals as much as possible.

Learn more at the link below about how we define impact and how we view VIVID’s impact:

The VIVID platform

VIVID’s mobile platform takes personal change from ideas into action, with personal change plans that guide you step-by-step in adopting better habits and mindsets. 

You can get started by getting a link from an expert that leads you their own plan and community. Alternatively, you can choose a topic and select a ready-made plan created by VIVID’s community, or build your own from scratch. VIVID plans include everything you need to immediately begin practicing and can be fully customized and tailored to your needs. 

Measure your progress with research-based metrics and improve your plans over time with the help of VIVID’s AI recommendations and social support.
VIVID is constantly learning which practices and tools are most effective for different types of changes, and can make suggestions based on what really works.

Democratizing through flexibility

The heart of VIVID is a community where people help each other through plans for overcoming internal obstacles. 

The democratizing idea behind VIVID is that we don’t tell people how to make personal changes - but rather provide them with extensive, flexible tools in creating change plans, and enable sharing them with others.

This flexibility is how we empower our community, enabling them to create VIVID plans for virtually any intervention from academic literature, insight from a self-development workshop, or advice from a book.

Partnering with wellbeing professionals and organizations

VIVID partners with wellbeing professionals and organizations to help them maximize the impact of their advice and interventions for their clients, showcase their brand and methodologies, and build their audiences.

We love to connect and collaborate

Questions? Feature ideas? Feedback? We love to hear it! Contact us here or at hello(at)VIVID-app(dot)me.

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