About the Team

We’re here to spark a revolution. 

There’s not one of us who doesn’t struggle daily with internal obstacles, whether it’s stress, self-doubt, negative habits, or lack of motivation. However, for several decades science has recognized evidence-based ways to overcome such obstacles - so why aren’t they prevalent in our everyday lives? 

We're here to change that. Our team includes Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, a world-renowned expert who has spent over a decade researching this question.

Imagine how much human potential and happiness are lost due to these obstacles - for everyone, across all cultures. That's what we fight for at VIVID - scalably helping people overcome internal obstacles.

The People

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar
Cofounder &
Personal Growth Expert
Gidi Kadosh
Cofounder & CEO
Almog Cohen
Cofounder & CTO
Be'er Twito
Product Research Manager
Odeliya Zahfire
Operations & Communications Manager
Shuli, the CHO
Chief Happiness Officer

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Tal Ben-Shahar
Unshackling things from an early age
Gidon Kadosh
Gidon Kadosh
Designing unique and unshackling experiences
Lior Youngstein
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