VIVID for Wellbeing Professionals

VIVID is on a mission to supercharge the effectiveness of any personal change pursuit and help people overcome limiting mindsets and habits. 

We’re driven by our commitment to social impact and aim to turn personal growth into something concrete, effectual, and accessible everywhere.

Partnering with Wellbeing Professionals

VIVID empowers wellbeing professionals and organizations to maximize the impact of their advice and interventions for your clients and communities. 

Our uniquely flexible platform gives you the tools to turn your advice and interventions into actionable, daily practice with long lasting impact - whether you’re giving workshops, teaching courses, sharing your content on social media, providing one-on-one coaching, or consulting with companies. 

  • Sell more of your services to organizations, increase upselling potential, and improve client retention
  • Measure impact & communicate successes
  • Bring added value to your workshops with plans covering key takeaways
  • Earn referral fees for using VIVID in your work with organizations
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How does VIVID work?

With VIVID, you can create and seamlessly share ready-to-implement personal change plans. VIVID plans include everything your clients need to immediately begin practicing - instructions for how to practice and reminders for when. 

VIVID plans are fully customizable and can be practiced as little as once a week or as often as several times a day. Use videos, images, texts, and journaling prompts to guide your clients step-by-step in changing their mindsets and habits. 

Benefits for professionals 

Branded private communities

With private communities in VIVID, you can create an exclusive space for your clients for increased engagement, ownership, and social support.

Showcase your brand, your methods, and your impact and share plans, posts, and tips to build a thriving well-being community. 

Seamless sharing 

Simply share a plan link or QR code and your client will be taken directly to the plan after downloading VIVID. Optionally, the same link be used to invite clients into your private community. 

Include a QR code in your workshop slides and give participants instant access to plans covering the most important takeaways. Share a plan link on social media and give your whole audience the ability to implement it.

Tracking progress & effectiveness

Add science-backed questionnaires to your plans to test their effectiveness and track your client’s progress. 

VIVID already includes dozens of research based metrics, and can easily incorporate the metrics and questionnaires you already use in your practice. 

Publicize your services 

Use your VIVID publisher profile to showcase your brand, what makes you unique, promote your services to new audiences, and build your platform. 

Your publisher profile can be fully customized and includes the links to your website and public VIVID plans. 

Social accountability

VIVID’s accountability buddies feature allows users to give trusted supporters access to their plans and practice history. 

Provide one-on-one coaching through in-app messaging, encourage clients to persist, and remotely adjust their plans. 

AI powered personalization and persistence

VIVID’s AI helps your clients persist with their personal change plans when they’re feeling stuck by offering tailored suggestions.

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