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VIVID is on a mission to help people overcome limiting mindsets and habits and turn personal growth into something concrete, effectual, and accessible everywhere.

Partnering with Organizations

Promote employee wellbeing. Encourage personal development. Maximize the impact of your existing wellness programs

Discover VIVID, the only one-stop-shop, no-code platform for personal growth.

With VIVID’s flexibility, organizations can tailor an experience for the specific context, obstacles, and solutions that fit their employees and measure progress with science-backed metrics. 

Unlike other solutions, with VIVID employees can work not only on decreasing stress and improving their sleep, but also developing leadership and confidence, combating burnout, or any other personal growth topic.

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Benefits for organizations

Branded private communities

With private communities in VIVID, you can create an exclusive space for your employees for increased engagement, ownership, and social support. 

Showcase your brand, your methods, and your impact and share plans, posts, and tips to build a thriving employee well-being community. 

Maximize the impact of the wellbeing professionals you already work with 

VIVID empowers organizations to take the advice of the consultants and wellbeing professionals they already work with and make it actionable and effective in supporting and developing their employees. 

Using VIVID, you can increase the value and impact of any existing workshops, programs, or wellbeing initiatives in your organization and give your employees the ability to tailor the advice to their needs.

Tracking progress & effectiveness

Add science-backed questionnaires to your plans to test their effectiveness and track the impact of your employee’s progress using anonymized metrics.

VIVID already includes dozens of research based metrics, and can easily incorporate the metrics and questionnaires you already use in your work.

Social accountability

VIVID’s accountability buddies feature allows users to give trusted supporters access to their plans and practice history. 

Host employee buddy matching events to increase community engagement, sense of belonging, and persistence in making positive changes. 


Seamless sharing 

VIVID makes sharing interventions easy - simply share a plan link or QR code and your employee will be taken directly to the plan after downloading VIVID. Optionally, the same link be used to invite employees into your private community. 

Contact us to find out more about how VIVID can be tailored for your organization.

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