Internships at VIVID

Community-building internship

VIVID is looking for a community-building intern to build the VIVID community - an online community of the app's users.

The responsibilities of this role will likely include running virtual events, managing a Facebook group, and communicating with the most engaged members of the VIVID community.

In this role, you'll be working closely with Gidi Kadosh, VIVID's CEO, who created community-building theories and presented them in multiple global conferences.

Other internship roles

Our team at VIVID is open for additional internship roles, including process automation (mostly no-code), branding, communications, website development (using Webflow), software development (only if you have prior experience with Flutter), product management, and research.

About internships at VIVID

Internships at VIVID require ~3 weekly hours, and are unpaid and virtual positions. We see this transaction as a commitment on our part to invest time and effort in your professional development, and a commitment on your part to let us know in advance if you wish to step down from this role. Therefore, to ensure that both sides are comfortable with this transaction, we recommend to apply only if you want to learn and grow professionally alongside VIVID's team.

Feel free to ask any question at internships (at)

Creator-related opportunities

You can actually use VIVID right now to help others, as a creator in the app. While you can do this without being in contact with our team, if you'd like to spend a few hours per week on creating plans in VIVID for other people, we'd love to:

  • Support you in this process and help however we can
  • Come up with a title that would fit your career needs.

Here's a description of what it's like to be a creator in VIVID:

The heart of VIVID is a (free) marketplace where people help each other through plans for changing internal obstacles.

The idea is that we don’t tell people how to change - but rather provide them with (very) extensive flexibility in creating these plans, and allow sharing them with others.

Why is this flexibility important? That’s how we give the power to the users. You can virtually use VIVID to create almost any “intervention” from academic literature, any methodology taught by a coacher, any insight from a self-development workshop, or any method that worked for you and you want to share.

The app has a couple of tricks to help make plan creation simple, so as long as you’ve experienced any obstacle, the app can assist in turning this experience into a concrete plan.

And the cool part is that you don’t need to create a perfect plan - VIVID will help its users measure their progress using scientific metrics, adjust their plans over time, and persist. You’ll also be able to see how many people you’ve helped (;

If you think you’re the type of person who would enjoy creating such plans - PM me! I’d love to help you with the creation and sharing, and also just to nerd out about self-development methods.